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Rose Town Mayhem

A eclectic hand picked blend of excrutiating Awsome.

Gurschach ; comming up from the East Bay. With there own brand of hard pumping Thrash Metal
Best new band Award winner for 2018

24Gore ; Northern California metal band featuring ex members of RE-Existence, Chernobog and Stress. Bringing the Heat

JustinSayne N8V ; Shooting on Down from Cave Junction Oregon to light yall up wit a serriously head pounding Metal influenced Rap and Roll .

A.S.S. - Ape Shit Shenanigans ; Local Boys from Sonoma County whom allmost never play gigs at home. Punk / Hardcore Punk , Shenanigans and BS . Plowzone Radio's West Coast Syndicate

She Bites ; Local Boys Sonoma County originals ; Punk Rock
good old st foreward clasic styl Punk Rock originaters.

Earlier Event: September 25
It's time to play.... Family Brewed
Later Event: October 3
Bingo and Beers!